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Larzac 2003 > Programme


Come to the Larzac plateau in August to stop the WTO. During three days of festivities, music and reflection we will aim to develop concrete ways of fighting for a better world.

8th and 9th August - all day
Forums : on the fight to maintain public services, to preserve of the environment, against the privatisation of living things, and more… Stands of political associations involved in the struggle against the WTO and for a better world. Entertainment : music, street theatre, performance art…

Friday 8th August - evening
Documentary film screening under the stars and on giant screens. Musical entertainment for those who prefer.

Saturday 9th August from 6pm ...
Free concert with politically involved artists of international reputation.

Sunday 10th August
Closing : synthesis and upcoming events

All entertainment, films and the main concert on Saturday night are free. This will be possible due to the time and energy donated by volunteers, and also thanks to the financial support of those able to make a donation. Please feel free to contribute financially to the organisation of the gathering.

Construire un monde solidaire - 1 rue Droite - 12100 Millau - France